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BED|STÜ Happy Hour Styles
Fashion , Lifestyle BED|STÜ Happy Hour Styles August 03, 2022

Did someone say happy hour? We’re in! Here are some of our latest arrivals and their happy hour counterparts! Can you tell that we wrote this on a Friday afternoon? Cheers!

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Top 5 Bags To Bring On Your Next Vacay!
Fashion , Lifestyle Top 5 Bags To Bring On Your Next Vacay! August 02, 2022

Everyone is getting their last vacay in before the school season starts back up! Obviously, we love traveling with ALL our bags, but here are our top five picks this season:

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Our Staff Desert Island Picks
Fashion , Behind The Scenes Our Staff Desert Island Picks July 13, 2022

We’ve all been asked the hypothetical question: “What would you bring if you were stranded on a desert island?”. Well…we wanted to switch it up, so we asked our staff which BED|STÜ style they would bring if deserted on an island and why they love it!

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Five Sustainable Brands We're Watching
Fashion , Lifestyle Five Sustainable Brands We're Watching June 30, 2022

Our philosophy here at BED|STÜ is simple: to create sustainable products that are made to last, using only the most natural ingredients.

That’s why we have rounded up five sustainable brands that we have been loving lately, that are sustainable too!

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Grecian Getaway with BED|STÜ
Fashion Grecian Getaway with BED|STÜ June 30, 2022

Dreaming of hitting the beach in Santorini or dancing the night away in Mykonos? We’ve got you covered. Introducing HERA, CALLISTA, and KARINE - the latest sustainable sandals by BED|STÜ.

These sandals are all hand-made with twice-tanned leather soles made to last the test of time. They also have minimal to no stitching for a natural look and a Vibram plate on the outsole which provides traction for even more longevity (basically they’ll last forever!).

When creating these sandals, we were inspired by all the Grecian Goddess vibes, the clean architecture, and the naturalist ways of some of the islands. Even if you don’t have plans of island hopping in Greece, these staple sandals styles will last a lifetime. Opa!

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BED|STÜ Travels: Day Trip to Joshua Tree
Food + Travel , Lifestyle BED|STÜ Travels: Day Trip to Joshua Tree June 09, 2022

Set your out-of-office status because it is officially summer break!

Recently, we spent a day in Joshua Tree shooting more ss22 men’s and women’s new arrivals!

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MAGIC In Music City
Fashion , Food + Travel , Lifestyle MAGIC In Music City May 20, 2022

Let's go girls! You read that right: MAGIC has landed in Music City for the first time ever and our small (but mighty) Nashville squad hit the pink carpet to get the inside scoop!

MAGIC Nashville ran from Monday, May 16th to Tuesday, May 17th and it was jam-packed with vendors, educational sessions, and Nashville-esq activities!

MAGIC said this show was about “Delivering the experience MAGIC is known for with a Nashville twist, new and influential retailers – from boutique and specialty stores to big box, online, and key regional retailers – explore the latest trends, discover margin-building products, connect with a new community of established and emerging players.”.

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