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BED|STÜ Organics
Our Materials
Cross section of mens Corsico shoe with leather stacked heels, cork midsole, latex sock, leather midsole fully leather lined

All of our leather shoes and accessories are created with environmental consciousness in mind. We use the whole hide, imperfections and all, and each piece uses only the most natural and organic ingredients possible in the construction process.

Sourced from Nature

Each product is carefully handcrafted with materials found in nature: vegetable tanned leathers, water-based glues, and plant-based dyes.


Since our products are hand-dyed and hand-finished, it's important that we use only the safest ingredients possible. All our dyes are natural, non-toxic and sourced from nature, so they are safer for you, our workers, and our environment.


Natural latex, extracted from the sap of the rubber tree, is strong, very permeable, and free of harmful chemicals. It's excellent for sweat absorption and is highly resilient, reducing discomfort and improving odor-control.


We use only natural, water-based glues with our leather products. Unlike their solvent-based counterparts, water-based formulas are low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and are naturally formaldehyde-free, so they are not harmful to you or to the environment.

Vegetable Tanned Leathers

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Our products are made only with the highest quality, naturally vegetable tanned leathers. Rather than using harsh chemicals such as chromes and formaldehydes, our leathers are prepared using natural tannins such as tree bark and leaves to cleanse and prepare the leather for use.

Natural Cork Midsole

To fill the midsole, we use a blend of natural bark from the cork tree and recycled leather shavings. Over time, this blend creates a custom fit for lasting comfort.