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BED|STÜ Organics
Our Philosophy
Top view of worker at a leather sewing machine stitching

Inspired by the rugged and resilient streets of Bedford Stuyvesant, NY, our family-owned operation opened for business near Downtown LA just over 25 years ago. We have now grown into a diverse, creative, and fiercely independent group of individuals with a shared pride in creating quality leather products that boast a love for heritage and tradition, authentic construction, and artisan finishes. Our handcrafted line of vegetable tanned leather footwear and accessories is like each member of the BED|STÜ Family: Genuine, Unique, and Naturally Imperfect.

What We Stand For

Our philosophy is simple: to create sustainable products that are made to last, using only the most natural ingredients. It's better for us, our workers, and our planet.


BED|STÜ stands for authenticity. To truly honor the craft of shoemaking, we defy the trend of mass production and take our time creating quality leather products that are built to last, never compromising on quality. Each piece possesses true BED|STÜ craftsmanship and proudly represents the diversity and identity of those that create and wear our products.


Just as no two fingerprints are alike, each BED|STÜ product is distinct. We work with natural leathers and age our materials through timeless proprietary processes. Each piece is handcrafted: woven, sewn, washed, and finished. The human component also contributes to slight variations, making each product truly one-of-a-kind.


Our leathers and other materials are natural and free-range whenever possible. Working with these natural materials and old-school construction means that slight variations in texture and color are common. The true beauty of our products is found in these natural imperfections.

Responsibly Sourced

From our leather uppers to the wood bottoms on our heels and wedges, all of our products are made using sustainably sourced, all-natural materials. We work hard to preserve our environment by utilizing and returning only what it naturally provides.

UPS Carbon Neutral Program

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We've teamed up with UPS in an effort to reduce carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere, reducing our carbon footprint.