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Month: May 2018

The 2018 Best Shows in the West End

The 2018 most popular shows in London’s West End theatres as always show a range of shows that vary from those that have been running for a long duration of time to those that are newly released. The shows also vary in size from those that have a huge cast to those that employ just […]

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The outdoor theatres

Outdoor theatres have existed for many years. The original Globe Theatre in Shoreditch in London was open roofed and the cast would brave the elements in order to complete their performances. It is of course more attractive to watch plays in open air theatres when the temperatures are warm and there is no chance of […]

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Employment in the theatre industry

There are many people who are employed in the theater industry. Clearly, there are many obvious jobs such as the actors and the actresses. But there are plenty of other posts that need to be filled to ensure that there is a successful production. A brief look at just the actors does not reveal the […]

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