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Month: September 2018

Theatrical Designers Take Center Stage

The great debate for Theater enthusiasts includes the question “what makes the show a hit or a miss?”  Some may stand firm in the writers corners and others avidly point to the Director. There is a third answer that many find to be the true choice. Wardrobe, stages and scenery top the list as the […]

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The Path of a Theatrical Performer

Theatrical cast members applaude each other’s talents and achievements. For those of us who cannot do a pirouette while singing the ways of Bel Canto, we watch in awe of the magical miracles we see on stage. The theater is a host to many gifts. The culture is comprised of the multiple facets of the […]

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In the Eyes of Theater Critics

Theater critics are known for their direct points of view. They don’t often meet in the middle, as they either have an exclamation of love for one production and utter distaste for the next. We watched Statler and Waldorf from an early age critique their way through all of the Muppets showtimes. This may have […]

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Five Scenes of the Theater

The journey of the past and present whimsically cross paths on the stage. East meets West at the Theater to celebrate the classics of yesterday and the artistic collaborations of today.  The culture surrounding the Theater is expressive and enchanting. This creates an accommodating setting for diverse interests and talents to brilliantly come together. The […]

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The Five Theatrical and Magical Steps to Showtime

With a gala appeal and a splendid atmosphere, the Theater is more than just shows and tunes. Going to the theater will define a genuine experience that is rooted in culture and inspiration. The immense planning and dedication in the production process brings the color of creativity and whimsical musings to the stage. In a […]

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A Classic View of the Theater

The Theater holds a passionate presence in the inspired world of the Arts. Hushed whispers and the air of anticipation fill the room while awaiting the vast stage to come to life. Once the show begins, a captivated audience experiences each live moment as if they are in another place and time. This is the […]

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