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Month: October 2018

Are Musicals Better Than Plays?

With all of the happenings on the Theater agenda, Musicals and Shows with music seem to steal the spotlight. These presentations dance on the same stage with two distinctive theatrical styles. It is observed  that musicals have a larger following than their playhouse counterparts. The differences between the two lie in the theme of the […]

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The Charms of Theatrical Makeup

Theatrical Makeup trends add a dreamlike illusion to the production. The sequence of characters step onto the stage with a presence that is specific to their role. The actors of the set experience a transformation before they play their parts. In Greek Theaters from the sixth century BC, it became a practice to alter the […]

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Books Come to Life on Stage

Reading a few lines or chapters from your favorite literary pieces can incite a new world to appear. The imagined setting and views are generously granted by vibrant wording and entrancing details. We can imagine the voices and scenes in our minds eye as we continue reading to reveal the next step in the plot. […]

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Tips to Writing a Script for a Play

Seeing your words come to life is more than a dream, it is a goal for aspiring Playwrights. It is common to have notepads with scribbled out lines and torn out pages. These are signs you are well on your way to your writing a script. It is rare the first, third or tenth attempts […]

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Was There Theater Before Shakespeare?

If you have ever tried to fit Shakespeare into a crossword puzzle under “early playwright”, it might have been confusing that it didn’t work. It is common to automatically think of classics such as Romeo and Juliet or Hamlet as the primary play predecessors of theatrical history. In truth, the first plays came to light […]

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The Challenges of Film to Theater Adaptions

Grabbing a popular movie out of its element and adapting it to the stage takes more “chops” than just leaving it in the digital version. It is an uphill climb for Directors who accept the challenge. The Theater offers a perception to the audience through a genuine performance of the story line. A stage play […]

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