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Month: November 2018

Architectural Beauty in Theaters

Architectural Beauty has an authentic appeal. Antiquated structures hold a historical authority that makes you feel you are in the presence of an eras past. The poetic stoicism of the Theater originated Centuries ago. Grecian and roman constructions began a wistful tradition that is continued today. Theaters are primarily set in buildings that date further […]

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The Benefits of Youth Theater Productions

When the Theater has a presentation, it is a gala event. Tall ornate ceilings tower over the stage that is set in the center of the auditorium sized space. For a few hours the world as we know it changes on the stage. We are drawn into the plot, the story and tale. The Theater […]

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The Real Purpose of Theater Curtains

When you are at the Theater there is a sense of intrigue and mystery. Long hanging curtains seem to  conceal the stage. When the lights dim, the curtains move slowly revealing the anticipated hopes and excitement of the audience. Observing the stage, you will see a scene form before your eyes. This view becomes the […]

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History Versus Controversy in Theaters

Recounted tellings of History are evident in books, movies and on stage. The Theater is not a stranger when it comes to social or political impacts. Pivotal points through the years have determined future paths and the way of life for many. Historical depictions and references have been met with a controversial tone. Theatrical presentations […]

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How Improv in Theaters Can Save The Show

During a play, you may notice an actor have a silent second or a humorous addition to the scene you may not remember from before. Theatrical shows are live leading up to unplanned happenings. The cast and crew have to ready to improvise while they are in the moment. When actors are taking classes they […]

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Five Unforgettable Dance Scenes at the Theater

Coordination, balance and a generous amount of rhythm are the first steps to a good dance routine. Choreographers work diligently with stage actors to perfect the art of a particular set. When you are at the Theater, the vibe is undeniable when the music comes on. Characters take their places with full details of wardrobe […]

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