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Month: December 2018

Putting a Spotlight on Weight Factors in the Theater

The biggest case of prejudice in the Theater may surprise you. Most would anticipate race or gender to take the stands, however the one under the spotlight is none other than…. Weight. The standard performer on stage does not exceed a magic number on the scale that is yet to be found in the definition. […]

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Are Advocates Beneficial in the Theater?

Newtons third law of motion states “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”. This rule of thumb can be applied to almost any area of our life. When it comes to the theater, the third law can mean disastrous reviews and outcomes. A reaction from the audience is always welcome, unless it […]

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The Theater Sensation Stomp and Why Everyone Loves It

A Theater sensation is celebrating its 25th Anniversary Pre-Spring of 2019. Stomp is a hit on the stage with a growing fan base. There have been many who avoided the show due to a misconception the setting was loud and brassy. It is not until you see it for yourself that a true appreciation for […]

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Is a New Digital Age the Future of Theaters?

We are living in the Digital Age where the concepts of technology are becoming second nature. At home conveniences, educational systems and business plans have transitioned along the technical path. There are very few places in our life that that are untouched in the process. As a modern society, we have adapted to the culture […]

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The Importance of a Playbill at the Theater

Receiving a Playbill as you enter the Theater is not only expected… it is tradition! The small pamphlet or Program of informative goodies includes details on the presentation along with the Director, Cast and Crew. Biographies and interesting tid bits that serve as a prelude to the unfolding story is a custom read before and […]

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Why the Stage Needs More Female Roles

It is a new age for Women living in today’s modern society. A surge in the corporate world has been led by the smart and business savvy minds of both Men and Women. Over the years Women have risen to the occasion. From heroism and intellect to creativity, the spectrum of talents is no stranger […]

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The Benefits of Taking Online Acting Classes

Nowadays, there is no need for aspiring actors to have to uproot to Hollywood to attend acting classes. We’re living in the age of the internet where everything is literally at our fingertips. Everything from banking, grocery delivery, and education can be done online. Now, actors can master their skills right from the comfort of […]

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