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Books Come to Life on Stage

Reading a few lines or chapters from your favorite literary pieces can incite a new world to appear. The imagined setting and views are generously granted by vibrant wording and entrancing details. We can imagine the voices and scenes in our minds eye as we continue reading to reveal the next step in the plot. When a book becomes adapted for the Theater, it brings the pages to the stage with great anticipation. Theatrical renditions of a novel is a fresh look at the features and aspects of the story. Characters and storylines are set under the lights for a rendering performance.

Books through history have made a home within the hearts of readers. Playwrights keep this in mind when working on the transition from print to plays. When a theatrical presentation represents Literary works, it is adapted in honor of the culture and ambiance of the tale. From children’s stories to romantic notions, we have been delighted when we can experience the colors of cherished writings. Top of the list hits that have been inspired from famed authors are prevalent in Theaters. Here are a few options to add to your must see Theater itinerary .

The Secret Garden – A classic novel has been made into a musical. You may remember reading the story of Mary Lennox. She is an orphaned girl who moves to England to live with the Craven family. She finds peace and wonder in what is called The Secret Garden.

The Bridges of Madison County – A fan favorite is the tale of Francesca Johnson and Robert Kincaid. As a house wife who has lost herself years ago, she meets Robert, a travelling photographer. When the pair fall in love, Francesca is at a crossroads. She will now have to choose between her heart and her convictions.

Cats – This famous rendition is based off of a poetic collection written by T.S. Eliot. Personality is present in a procession of Cats who are vying for the chance to be reborn in a new “Jellicle” life. They audition through song and dance in this renowned musical directed by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Oliver – We are all familiar with the works of Charles Dickens. This adaption is an immersion into the world of Oliver Twist. The memorable boy who ran away from the orphanage became a pick pocket. It is during this stage he met his friend Nancy. Together they discovered their true path was not on the streets.

Mary Poppins – The enchanting nanny came to us from a series of eight books. P.L. Travers began the journey of Ms. Poppins in 1933. A family in need of a little magic was brought more than they expected when Mary flew in to their home. A timeless tale is found in Theaters for the whole family to enjoy.

Visiting a Theatrical adaption from books is a new way to enjoy our favorited fairytales and legends. Whether you check in at your local theater or travel to a city scene, a night at the theater will be an unforgettable experience.