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Iconic Looks of the Theater

Musicals are well-known for their catchy tunes and vibrant energy. They come to us as both originals and renditions that have left a grand impression on the audience. Over the years, intrinsic details have turned into renowned iconic symbols. These stamps on the history timeline have become a part of the classics and culture we […]

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What has Happened to Kids Theater Programs

A depletion of funds in Schools and communities have caused an elimination of programs. Several Musical, Drama or Theater, Art and Home Economics classes have been cancelled throughout the Districts. As parents, we want to see our children develop their talents and be inspired to dream. Youth that are aspiring performers may have few to […]

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How to Survive Stage Fright

Having the confidence to be in the spotlight is harder than it looks. Seeing Performers on the stage radiate with a self-assured persona is a trait most of us wish we had. The truth is, Actors and Actresses experience Stage Fright more often than the common folk of the audience. Theater presentations require the cast […]

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Should Live Theater Use a Rating System?

Going to the Theater is a cultural experience for the whole family. Children especially can benefit from the perception of the stage. Intriguing levels of mystery and creativity enchant audiences of all ages. When looking for potential shows to fill your Theater card, there will be a dreamy variety of performances to peer. We are […]

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Movie actors who started in theatre

Bruce Willis started in Levi’s jeans commercial, but not all actors had this breakthrough, most of them began their journey in the theatre. No hilarious commercials left for us to make fun of, but you can still find some footage from plays on YouTube. Robert Pattinson Both Twilight actors Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson started […]

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The Magical Journey That Brought Disney To the Theater

It is hard pressed to think of a larger paragon of creativity than Disney. A sprinkling of fairy dust has brought to lands that are colored in the outer realms of our imagination. Disney has captivated both children and adults for several decades. We have watched as innovative animation led to inspiring movies. With numerous […]

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The Leading Ladies of the Theater

Song filled performances would not be the same today had it not been for a few iconic Leading Ladies of the Theater. Talented women who had successful careers in the Arts have paved the way for dreams to come true. They had the strength and tenacity to take their place under the spotlight and the […]

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Putting a Spotlight on Weight Factors in the Theater

The biggest case of prejudice in the Theater may surprise you. Most would anticipate race or gender to take the stands, however the one under the spotlight is none other than…. Weight. The standard performer on stage does not exceed a magic number on the scale that is yet to be found in the definition. […]

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Are Advocates Beneficial in the Theater?

Newtons third law of motion states “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”. This rule of thumb can be applied to almost any area of our life. When it comes to the theater, the third law can mean disastrous reviews and outcomes. A reaction from the audience is always welcome, unless it […]

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The Theater Sensation Stomp and Why Everyone Loves It

A Theater sensation is celebrating its 25th Anniversary Pre-Spring of 2019. Stomp is a hit on the stage with a growing fan base. There have been many who avoided the show due to a misconception the setting was loud and brassy. It is not until you see it for yourself that a true appreciation for […]

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