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The Making of Theatre Costumes

A lot of times the contribution of costumes to the overall experience of any performance, from ballet to cinema, is overlooked. Most spectators take what they see for granted, as if the characters are supposed to look that way without any other variations. That means the costumes have been created very well. The art of […]

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London’s Most Famous Theatres

London’s West End is widely regarded as one the most prestigious and glamorous theatrical districts in the world, along with Broadway in New York, USA. In 2017, over 15 million attendees laughed, cried, sang and shouted at the stage in over 40 different majestic venues – some of which have origins going as far back […]

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3 of the Most Controversial Plays of All Time

Theatre is one of the most powerful mediums through which to convey a story and has been for thousands of years. People flock to see actors in a live show because they convey the full range of human emotions in an intimate setting, through emotionally resonant stories that stick with the audience long after the […]

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The Most Expensive Broadway Musicals

Broadway in New York is the epicenter of the world’s theatrical productions, especially lavish musicals. And many tourists that travel to the Big Apple make sure they take in at least one Broadway production during their visit. Seeing at least one Broadway musical in your life is on many people’s bucket list, whether you are […]

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The Smallest Italian Theaters

Most modern theaters around the world are all based on the classic architectural design of Italian theaters that were built during the architectural revolution during the 18th & 19th Centuries. The Italians had drawn the blueprint on how a theater should be designed and constructed. Firstly the theater should be in a horseshoe shape, (which […]

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Famous theaters in Barcelona

Barcelona is an amazing place to enjoy when going on holiday and getting a tan you have been waiting for but while you are there make sure to check out the truly spectacular theaters. More than 50 theaters around the city makes it a cultural place.

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The Expression of Solo Theater

Solo Theater is not a new concept however it is viewed as modern and contemporary. The definition is as it sounds, a solo rendition of a presentation. In the midst of political and social climates, you will note many Solo Theatrical events resonate with a particular topic of choice. The Solo shows are not your […]

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The Imaginings of Immersive Theater

We are accustomed to taking our seat with nary a word during a Theatrical production. This is a show of respect for both the presentation and the crew who made it happen. Watching the show is a journey through the storyline with a note of suspense, a hint of humor and a dime of delectable […]

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Iconic Looks of the Theater

Musicals are well-known for their catchy tunes and vibrant energy. They come to us as both originals and renditions that have left a grand impression on the audience. Over the years, intrinsic details have turned into renowned iconic symbols. These stamps on the history timeline have become a part of the classics and culture we […]

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The Fate and Fame of Andrew Lloyd Weber

In the Theatrical World, famous names and marquees are an open invitation to a great show. A first success often leads to the fast track for future endeavors on the stage. Occasionally, there will be an iconic presence that finds their destiny in the Theater life. One such figure had made a name for himself […]

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