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The Hit Shows in the West End

There have been different eras in the West End when one type of show becomes more popular than others. Between the wars the depression had a big impact on audience figures as people simply did not have the money to be able to afford a trip to the theatre. During this time Shakespeare’s play virtually […]

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The Stars of the West End Theatre

The West End has seen many star performers grace the stages of the numerous theatres that produce performances throughout the year. There seems to be a healthy balance of those making their names on the West End Stage as compared to those actors who already have made their name either on television or in the […]

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The Great Writers of West End Shows

In the West End on any one day of the year there are a huger variety of shows being performed. Some of these shows may have been writers for whom it will be the only time that a piece of their work will only ever appear in the West End. For other it is a […]

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The theatre on Broadway – part 1

Broadway is to New York what the West End is to London. The area is situated in Manhattan in New York City and is home to the city’s theatre of industry. Broadway actually consists of a road that runs from north to south through the city and passes from Manhattan into the Bronx. Within the […]

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The Theatre in London’s West End – part 2

The arrival of the King Charles II in 1660 had seen the initial growth in Theatres. He issued patents to two theatres to be able to produce serious drama.  The Royal Opera House and the Royal Theater won these rights and together created a monopoly where all plays staged in London had to be done […]

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The Theatre in London – part 1

London’s theatre land is one of the most popular attractions of the capital city. The unique architecture and history associated with many of the theatres, plus the quality of the shows that are performed, means that hundreds of shows are performed every week throughout the year. The audiences include foreign tourists, as well as local […]

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The beginnings of the Theatre

The theatre over the centuries has used live performers to act out scenes in front of real audiences. The performers have done this by song, gesture, dance and song to relate the story to those watching. The experience of going to the theatre is a celebration of the arts. People are brought to life by […]

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