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Famous theaters in Barcelona

Barcelona is an amazing place to enjoy when going on holiday and getting a tan you have been waiting for but while you are there make sure to check out the truly spectacular theaters. More than 50 theaters around the city makes it a cultural place. Some of them are located in big buildings and hold hundreds of seats and some might be unnoticeable in some building’s basement. If you really want to find it, you have to research about it. When going to a theater to see a play, check for the language of the show. It can be confusing if you get in some sort of a mixed language show. On that note, let’s review fine theaters around Barcelona.

El Gran Teatre del Liceu

The theater is the city’s most popular opera house active since the middle of 19th century. The inside of the place is spectacular. It has an eye-popping classical design and is a home for prestigious symphonies, operas, concerts and ballets. If you are around the time when there is no play, you can book a tour which shows the inside of the theater and a guide can tell you more interesting facts about the place’s history. As soon as you enter the building, you can be amazed with a wonderful view of the foyer and a hall full of mirrors. Back in the day, the hall was a primary meeting spot for the Catalonian bourgeoisie. El Gran Teatre del Liceu main hall can make you feel amazed because of the classical design style. There are no poor performances held at the theater, only the great ones are showed at the grand interior theater.

Coliseum Theater

Barcelona’s Coliseum Theater can offer guests musical or cabaret performances. The place is usually the main spot to see for tourists as it is always crowded no matter the weekday. The venue was opened in 1923 but it became a theater only in 2006 when it was fully renovated. Since the opening, Coliseum was considered to be the oldest cinema in Barcelona.
It is really spectacular due to its decorations and exclusive design. The place has arch of triumph, cupola and the fascinating art of Greek muses. The architecture was inclined and built by the example of the great Paris Opera and Coliseum can still give you a vibe of the French style buildings.

Tivoli Theater

Tivoli is a prime piece in Barcelona’s venues and operas. There are amazing performances being organized at the place and famous plays showed in front of huge audiences. It holds a status of Barcelona’s second largest theater. Going back in the past, Gardens of Tivoli were mainly used for concerts and poetry readings in an open-air area. The popularity grew for these shows and it was decided to build a major theater building for entertainment purposes. At some point, the theater space was used for political meetings. The theater has held an enormous amount of plays and shows, and it includes world premieres with respectful Spanish actors. Venue is full of history and inspiration.

Tivoli Theater
Tivoli Theater