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Five Scenes of the Theater

The journey of the past and present whimsically cross paths on the stage. East meets West at the Theater to celebrate the classics of yesterday and the artistic collaborations of today.  The culture surrounding the Theater is expressive and enchanting. This creates an accommodating setting for diverse interests and talents to brilliantly come together.

The Theater brings our favorite tales and tellings to life with a flair of creative inspirations. As the trends dance forward, the Theater invites all walks of life to the show. Through the years, the itinerary of the stage has cultivated new ways to captivate audiences. From the Masterpieces we know to modern musings, there are many ways you can experience the Theater. In the list below, you will become reacquainted with the timeless tradition and the splendor of the Theatrical Arts.

Ageless Acts

You can always find the classics at the Theater. The seeds that grew into memorable and lasting scenes still grace the stage with an appreciation for the Arts. From the linguistic wonders of Eliza Doolittle to Tevye’s tales of Tradition, the riveting renditions are truly meant to inspire.

The Nuanced Now

Some of our favorite modern age films and books have come to life at the Theater. Seeing our charming characters perform brings a fresh perspective to the event. The theatrical adaptions allow us to experience the storylines with a new view to the telling themes. Beloved Titles such as Harry Potter, Clueless and School of Rock are just the tip of the scripts.

Family Times

Taking a theatrical seat is a wonderful scene for memories to be made. Children and parents alike will find the culture both innovative and ingenious. The stage brings us family friendly presentations that hold the magic of our imaginations. Wicked brings us to the land of Oz while titles including Frozen, Aladdin and The Lion King are adapted to inspire.

Eventful Entries

The Theater is renowned for spectacular shows, plays and musicals. You can also find a variety of events that may interest you. Ballet productions, special Holiday shows and symphonic sounds also take center stage. From the Nutcracker to the operatic Les Pecheurs De Perles, the Theater will leave you with an enriched cultural impression.

Comedic Cues

If you are looking for an evening of improv and comedic tidings, look to the Theater. On stage presences and personalities are featured for your delightful amusement. You will find a melodic mix of styles and satires to spend the evening with. Stand up and story telling reviews lend a humorous hand to an evening out.

Curtain Call

The Theater is a collaborative society that includes traditions, customs and diverse cultures. The stage has found a way to open doors to the past while including tomorrow on its itinerary of presentations. Modern days have brought us a multitude of entertaining possibilities yet the Theater remains the foundation of imagination. When you have a theater location  in mind, peruse their events and plan for an enlightening experience.