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Five Unforgettable Dance Scenes at the Theater

Coordination, balance and a generous amount of rhythm are the first steps to a good dance routine. Choreographers work diligently with stage actors to perfect the art of a particular set. When you are at the Theater, the vibe is undeniable when the music comes on. Characters take their places with full details of wardrobe and makeup making it more of an event than a mere dance number.

Tributes to famous dancing moments have been handed down through the years. New renditions and reenactments are a part of the modern theater. This only strengthens the significant impact the original has had on audiences. Dance is a series of movements that are derived from many varieties. Jazz, Ballet and Tap are foundational forms that have an important standing in the Theatrical culture. We have seen an evolution in music and types of dances that have brought everything from ballroom and disco to Street styles. If you are looking for iconic dance moments on the stage, look no further. The following list will inspire you to bop, twirl and sway along to the song of some of your favorite scenes.

All That Jazz

Chicago is a captivating musical that is famous for show style tunes such as Cell Block Tango and the renowned versions of All That Jazz. As the title denotes, jazzy turns and hip switches offer a strong performance and lineup. The show is a powerhouse of dance that is energizingly refreshing.

The Bottle Dance

Top hats and tremendous talent are the only two things that can pull off the incredible Bottle Dance. Fiddler on the Roof features dancers who carry bottles of wine on top of their hats and perform intricate moves without spilling a single drop. While we are sure they have alternative techniques to the feat, it is still an awe inspiring theatrical display.

You’re the One That I Want

Who doesn’t love the adventures of Sandy and Danny from Rydell High. When they switch up their personas to meet the others expectation, a pivotal stage presence was born. The adaption to the Theater hits the finger snapping dance right on the head. You’re The One That I Want is a trend setting icon.

Prologue from West Side Story

A look at a tale from the hard-hitting streets is filled with dramatically jazzed up moves with a deep appreciation for the artistic side of dance. With flair and flashy mob style scenes, the Prologue stands out as a proper introduction.


What speaks the language of the Theater louder than a Pulitzer Prize winning musical.  A Chorus Line is known for its beginning to end stage sensation. One is a victory that has set the bar high with a golden display of a classic that will be famed for all time.

Dancing your way to the Theater to watch a show of dance and snazzy sets will put a skip in your step. A little kick ball change and the evening will be complete as the curtains rise to fame.