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History Versus Controversy in Theaters

Recounted tellings of History are evident in books, movies and on stage. The Theater is not a stranger when it comes to social or political impacts. Pivotal points through the years have determined future paths and the way of life for many. Historical depictions and references have been met with a controversial tone. Theatrical presentations have found a way to express the turning tides with an artistic expression. While controversy in topics always have a tint of truth, Theaters are able to soften the edges while remaining candid and honest.

History Can Equal Controversy

On stage performances communicate with audiences on a visual, mental and emotional level. Varied themes and plots have been known to bring tears of joy and subtle sorrowful silences during the same show. This opens the doors and windows wide open to topics that may otherwise not have a warm welcome. There have been  quite a few playwrights that have taken the leap amidst a controversial notion. The settings are based on the period and the play itself brings a nonjudgmental role to the event. In most cases the writings and scripts are telling a story. They are not designed to designate a specific side to the scenario. This keeps it neutral enough for others to navigate their own feelings and thoughts on the matter.

Cinema of Germany

We live in an everchanging world. The journey to present day has been filled with momentous attention of the past. Looking at the series of plots, plans and schemes that have surrounded actual occurrences, there is a keen interest in what may have transpired. A  generous amount of empathy is held as action and consequence come together. The Theater strives to provide a well rounded experience that touches the heart. There is a long list of historical themed shows that have exceeded the thoughtful expectations of audiences. A few that have risen to the occasion are well known and recognized for their ingenious representations. Here are three ideas to get you started on your own History in the Theater favorites list:

  • The Diary of Anne Frank includes some hard hitting history. While most fall in love with the optimistic charm of Anne, there are many who felt the circumstances around her story may not be appropriate for the stage.
  • Fiddler on the Roof is a renowned Theatrical classic that was close to never being presented. Due to its topic, it was difficult to find a Director to work with the storyline. It is hard to believe there was almost a world without our beloved fiddler.
  • The Color Purple is strong and holds a powerful presence. Controversy hit when others were not sure if it would be deemed offensive. Instead, the show highlights the heart and soul of the matter with vindicating style.

There are many programs that are iconic in their focus on humor, romance or mystery. When there is a truth to tell, plays bring an array of sentiments and perspectives.