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Iconic Looks of the Theater

Musicals are well-known for their catchy tunes and vibrant energy. They come to us as both originals and renditions that have left a grand impression on the audience. Over the years, intrinsic details have turned into renowned iconic symbols. These stamps on the history timeline have become a part of the classics and culture we instantly recognize. There is a great deal of elements that come together to create a successful performance. One of the main features on the stage will set the surrounding, mark the timeline and offer clues of who the characters are. The Wardrobe and makeup of the cast maintains the mystical illusion of the story.

The fashion ensembles put together for the stage range from subdued to elaborate. Head to toe, the actors are transitioned from the everyday attire to transformational characters. Original versions meet the musical stage in style. Through the process, a special selection stands out above the rest as a true Icon.

Annie’s Red Dress

Little Orphan Annie was an optimistic and cheerful little girl who lived in an orphanage. Her hard knock life was seemingly ruined by the dismal conditions she lived under. She danced and sang her way into the hearts of everyone she meets. Her Iconic red dress and white accents was originally famed in the comic illustrations she first appeared in. It followed her onto the stage and in later films.

The Wicked Witch

No introductions are needed when you see the green covered skin and black pointy hat of the Wicked Witch. Her broomstick and flying monkeys flew over the rainbow in The Wizard of Oz. A classic for all time has a most successful musical adaption that has continued our fascination with the yellow brick road. Melted or not, our favorite Witch will always be an Icon in our eyes.

The Golden Yellow Dress

The Belle of the Ball wore a dress that was originally illustrated. The gown was beautifully ornate with the perfect glisten of sparkle. We have seen many dresses in many scenes, yet Belle’s dress in Beauty and the Beast will always be hers. Famously animated before dancing across the stage, an Icon was made the same night Belle and the beast fell in love.

The Dress of Dorothy

Heading back to Oz, we find another Iconic look. Dorothy wore bravery in a blue and white ensemble. No longer a costume, the famous pig tails and dress now symbolize Dorothy herself. The same as her wicked opponent, Dorothy graces the Theater after decades on the screen. Accompanied by her three companions they triumphed through an adventure that led them home.

It is a mystery to wonder what our world would be like without our charming and Iconic symbols. Trying to imagine Annie in kale green or The Wicked Witch in a white dress is almost impossible. They have added a touch of enchantment to our lives and remain in our thoughts as cherished memories. In some cases, the presented appearance means more than the face of the actor.