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Is a New Digital Age the Future of Theaters?

We are living in the Digital Age where the concepts of technology are becoming second nature. At home conveniences, educational systems and business plans have transitioned along the technical path. There are very few places in our life that that are untouched in the process. As a modern society, we have adapted to the culture and enjoy the simplified systems. Watching the technology wheel turn, we see it is still moving at an unprecedented pace.

Tradition is recreated to make room for digitalized replacements. The Arts have evolved into new arenas impacting the way we view creativity. A growth in media opportunities has left the ways of old vulnerable for the first time in history. Live Theater has developed for centuries using angles of vision and innovation of a few current trends. Theater goers are beginning to wonder if Digital theory will ultimately replace the magic of the stage altogether.

Digital Opinions

When it comes to modern technology, some say we have come a long way while others believe we have went too far. The Theatrical community has two options to ponder over. The first is to jump on the tech train and the other holds a more dismal probability. In the future, it is anticipated most Theaters will adopt technology at a minimum of fifty percent of their productions. Most will agree lighting and sound components are elevated for a heightened audience experience. The newer and upcoming digital aids are creating questions and assumptions in regards to the survival of Live Theater as we know it.

Theaters are experimenting with the latest developments including virtual reality and holograms. It is interesting to imagine while trying to configure where the boundaries are between movies and the stage. It can be compared to taking the masterful works of Monet, Picasso or Van Gogh and only see them in a holographic representation. Futuristic films have depicted that very scene while sadly the framed originals line dusty shelves in a warehouse.

Theatrical Generations

The theories are also generationally based with the current generation having technology built into their main frame of thinking. The wonders of the Theater and hand built stages are fascinating yet somewhat archaic to the new crowds. It is true the Romans and Greeks used ingenuity in their designs. Their engineered mechanisms collaborated with the essence of the theater, keeping integrity within their beliefs and presentations. The hope is for gradual alterations in Theaters that can bridge the gaps without completely being lost in translation.

Captivating the audience is the tried and true goal of any artist both on and off the stage. The new effects and digitalized sights will add a dazzling air of mysticism to the theater scene. It has the potential to capture attention and revive the stage as a part of futuristic ideals. It is projected the digital era will one day be the new past. In that event, it is natural to wonder: what will become of the Theater we remember today?