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The Challenges of Film to Theater Adaptions

Grabbing a popular movie out of its element and adapting it to the stage takes more “chops” than just leaving it in the digital version. It is an uphill climb for Directors who accept the challenge. The Theater offers a perception to the audience through a genuine performance of the story line. A stage play that was originally a movie creates some initial hurdles for the  Directors .

From the Screen to a Stage

Adaption takes place when you bring one concept and alter it to fit another environment. Movies have an existing fan base that have a locked in view of the characters. When the plots are adapted, new casting calls are made which have caused some uproars. It is natural to understand there will be new faces, however the key to a successful adaption is the ability to draw the audience in to the scene. If the main focus is on the characters persona, they will have nothing else to do but focus on the differences. The Play Writer will take the main personalities and give them new traits that persuade the old with the new. It is important to reinvent not entirely replace.

Film making has an arsenal of fixes before they roll out the finale. The Theater is live without high speed cameras and special effects. That is one of the many reasons people love the Theater. From the directing side of the coin, it makes the adaption a little tricky. They need to condense a scene without the frills and provide true entertainment and quality. While this is a part of what they do every day, bringing it from film has a preset notion to follow. This does not mean every detail has to be “just like the film”, instead it refers to the interpretation of what the audience will see and feel.

Stories and tales that incite emotions such as compassion, empathy and joy are easy for audiences to relate to. It is this level of sentiment the Director captures in the adaption. The same air of attachment transfers from the screen to the stage. Older movies can instill a sense of nostalgia as Theater guests revisit the scenes. Newer movies can be great continuing the trends of a well followed saga or breathing a fresh perspective to the plot. The wardrobe and set up will detail the impression of the moment and highlight the sense of the adaption versus a cookie cutter version.

The Adaptions

There are splendid adaptions that have made its way from films to the Theater. A few famous titles include:

  • Wicked
  • Hairspray
  • Footloose
  • Newsies
  • The Producers
  • Once
  • Clueless

Books may have given the initial inspiration, but the actors, performers and directors are the ones who gave the pieces the new life. Such directors have earned their hats with genius renditions that are still performed today. Stage productions will have its own verve and composition. When you see an adaption styled performance, you can be sure you will have found a new way to enjoy your old favorites.