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The Expression of Solo Theater

Solo Theater is not a new concept however it is viewed as modern and contemporary. The definition is as it sounds, a solo rendition of a presentation. In the midst of political and social climates, you will note many Solo Theatrical events resonate with a particular topic of choice. The Solo shows are not your typical play. They hold differing platforms to match the concept of the performer’s intention. This could mean smaller staging are or a larger setting with an array of cues and accessories. The lighting, costumery and sound effects put the final touches for opening night.

Solo denotes a standing of a singular individual. When you collaborate this notion with the creativity of the Theater, the results are nothing short of spectacular. The topic of choice ranges through a variety of thoughts from current affairs to the inner tidings of the mind. Transitioning the thought process to a Solo Theatrical presentation involves a concentrated focus for the performer. The differing aspects involved leads to a lengthy list of preparations and expectations while they are on the stage.

The Aspects of Solo Theater

When a performer takes on a solo role in the Theater, they immerse themselves in the experience. The typical play has an array of scenes to fill the time. Several actors portray different characters providing a continual interaction throughout. In Solo Theater, the performer is the only person on the stage. There is no sequence of communication or lines to be read in an alternating manner. Instead, the Soloist is the show… from start to finish. There are a few forms and faces of Solo Theater. One stage style is considered to be interpretive. Taking the concept of the play and translating it into a collaboration of parts. They will have lines to read accompanied by dance, grand gestures and backdrop designed to match the theme. This will typically follow a set story line without improv.

The Aspects of Solo Theater

Another style is centered around a deeper sense of emotions and sincerity. You will journey through the pages of life that has a focal point on a specific experience or agenda. The Solo Actor will impact the audience with a heartfelt perspective. It has been said after the show, the effects lend a thoughtful sincerity you may not find at other presentations. The most difficult of Solo performances is when the actor takes on multiple roles within one session. This puts their acting skills to the test as they have to switch their character, demeanor and stage personality several times within every scene. The ability to carry the voice of several stories while captivating the audience takes an elaborate sense of talent. You can find Solo shows at Theaters and venues who offer scheduled entertainment. Similar to Live Art displays found at museums and galleries, these particular plays are held in high esteem. Originally, they were a slower movement, yet has grown to become a popular expression in the Theater.