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The Five Theatrical and Magical Steps to Showtime

With a gala appeal and a splendid atmosphere, the Theater is more than just shows and tunes. Going to the theater will define a genuine experience that is rooted in culture and inspiration. The immense planning and dedication in the production process brings the color of creativity and whimsical musings to the stage. In a Live setting, you have to be prepared for a collage of circumstances and scenarios that may unexpectedly make its debut.

The behind the stage scene is a commitment to the Theater. From the very seed of the script to the minute details throughout the show, the Theater is a spectacular home to remarkable and creative visions that come to life when the curtains rise. There are many steps to take when preparing for a theatrical show. Once you have the script, location and fiscal technicalities worked out, that is when the magic begins.

The Dream Team

A successful endeavor relies on the creativity of a theatrical team. From the Producer to the Set Designer, you will find an entire organization behind the scenes. This brings an order of events to fruition with each at the helm of their department. Everyone works together to bring the dream to the stage.

The Plan

In effort to project and plan, there is always a timeline in place. This allows the team to procure talents and materials with a deadline in mind. When bringing together a calico of schedules, the Planning step will require forethought and organization. Each member of the team  will have the same priority, and that is a triumphant opening night of the show.

The Details

One of the enriched factors of the Theater is in its ability to transform. Varied scenes are based on the direction of the scripts setting. The details will accomplish the set into a world of which the audience can be transported through the senses. Visuals and sound are a powerful transcendent in the Theater.

The Rehearsal

Casting calls and chosen talents will rehearse and then rehearse again. The show will be their lifestyle until it becomes a second nature to the cast. Centerstage casts and understudies alike will have wardrobes and stylings befitting of the performance. Musicals and choreographed scenes take additional time and care to learn. These steps are provided for in the planning process.

The Drumroll

With tickets sold and a well-designed set, everyone will take their places. The opening show is always the most exciting as the visions become a reality. Last minute preparations are gathered and with a deep breath and fingers crossed, it is time to break a leg.


The Theater is Magical and breathtaking. Understanding the hard work, dedication and devotion that is present on each stage makes us appreciate the history and facts of the Theater with a new perspective. Love for the Theater is in us all. Live each day to be inspired and as they say,

“The show must go on!”