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The Imaginings of Immersive Theater

We are accustomed to taking our seat with nary a word during a Theatrical production. This is a show of respect for both the presentation and the crew who made it happen. Watching the show is a journey through the storyline with a note of suspense, a hint of humor and a dime of delectable drama. The only way an evening at the Theater could be any more delightful, is if the audience became a part of the plot themselves. With all of the same appeals, Immersive Theater is designed to include its guests as a part of the eventful happenings.

There are a few differing levels of Immersive Theater depending on the concept of the presenters. Taking a part in the play does not mean you have to memorize lines or feel as if you are in the spotlight. The impromptu responses from the audience is expected and used for the progression of the piece. Admittedly, to keep the pace moving in a specific direction, the writers will preemptively ensure there are only a few reasonable responses that would apply. This restricts the course of the story from roaming astray.

The Set

Less involved Immersive styles will generally use the set as a way to integrate the audience as a whole or a few members of it. Moving walls and switching rooms keeps the momentum going as everyone anxiously awaits the next scene. The set can also include an option of backdrops and additions. The cast during a planned timeline will ask the audience for their opinion on what they feel should happen next.

Special Effects

In movies we see how a 3-D composition adds a new element to the screen. The same is used in Theaters making the scenery a magical place to be. Involving the entire Theater within the effects of the presentation is a spontaneous and thrilling way for the guests to enjoy the show. Whether you find yourself in the middle of a windy day or thrilling at the swirling sky as you land from flight, you can be sure it will be a night you will never forget.

Mystery Dinners

This style of event brings the play to the seats. The set up is typically a dining style of tables where everyone has a hand in the who done it mystery. It will be up to the guests to look for clues, decipher the facts and help to resolve the mystery. In some cases, the guests will be invited to dress in the attire of the plots time period whereas other dinner shows will be a surprise for everyone. There are a few ways to enjoy the dynamics of Immersive Theaters . There are many venues who offer an experience regularly and on scheduled occasions. From lighter Immersive themes to a more inclusive setting, you can live out your dream of stardom… even if it is only for a night.

Mystery Dinners