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The Magical Journey That Brought Disney To the Theater

It is hard pressed to think of a larger paragon of creativity than Disney. A sprinkling of fairy dust has brought to lands that are colored in the outer realms of our imagination. Disney has captivated both children and adults for several decades. We have watched as innovative animation led to inspiring movies. With numerous branches of franchises and Disney themed parks and places, it appeared as if they had reached the top of the imaginative mountain. Sparks of creativity shimmered like a sparkler and Disney came to the stage in an official capacity. The Theater world welcomed the brilliance that brought our favorite Disney tales to life, so now you can enjoy the live action not only on the silver screen.

Disney was not a stranger to a live audience. In 1949, the Ice Capades incorporated Disney into their performances. The audience loved seeing the colorful characters which prompted the company to create Disney on Parade. After several years passed, the Parade came to a close open the door to a new opportunity. 1993 would mark the beginning of a new era for Disney that has proven to bring joy to the audience with tremendous success.

The Disney on Stage Lineup

From the first show to recent additions, Disney has touched the stage with magic. There is a long lineup of shows that are past, present and soon to be featured. The Disney presentations that have came and went will hopefully be on the list for the future.

Beauty and the Beast

The iconic story of Belle and her princely Beast teaches us to never judge a book by its cover. It was the first of Disney’s on stage productions that ran for a vibrant thirteen years. Newer songs were written to add into the musical. “Home” was one of Belles ballads that became a significant part of the show.

The Lion King

This ingenious stage depicts Simba and his adventurous transition from cubhood to King. It is Broadways third longest running show in history and one of the highest grossing musicals to hit the stage all over the world. It can not be categorized as “just a musical”. Incredible features and creativity puts The Lion King on top of the circle of life.


A magic carpet ride and a genie later, Disney’s Aladdin came to the Theater. A tale of the triumph of a street rat was held within the strength and integrity of his heart. The Musical balance and talents of the show made this presentation a wonderful addition to the stage. Other shows of note include Tarzan, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Frozen and Tarzan along with dozens of other Disney titles. Live action adaptions have also become a popular path in the theater. Disney movies such as Freaky Friday and High School Musical have been all in on stage with popular reviews. New shows are on the calendar and in the works of many more Disney favorites.