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The Other Theatres Around the United Kingdom

The streets come to life with the Edinburgh Fringe

Sometimes because London has the world-famous West End people forget there are many other theatres that are located around the country. All of the large towns and cities have at least one theatre and the coastal resorts all have a theatre. Although these theatres will be opened throughout the year there will be two specific times when they will be busier than usual. This is during the school children’s summer holidays and also over the Christmas and New Year periods. One of the biggest festivals in the world for theatre performances is the Edinburgh fringe, which takes place each August. The event is so large that there are many performances throughout the day so the venues are not just held in traditional theatres. In 2017 over 215 days there were 53,000 performances of 4,000 shows. Although comedy is the largest section there are lots of different categories and performers even take to the streets for open air performances. The more established groups who have attended for the longest time tend to get to perform in the larger establishments. August is a busy month for nearly every seaside resort that has a theatre and many of them do. One of the most famous seaside theatres is the Grand Theatre in Blackpool which was opened in 1894. It has always been popular as Blackpool is one of the most popular seaside destinations in the country. The types of shows that are popular at the Grand are light entertainment. This is reflected by the artists that have summer seasons at the theatre. They are generally comedians who attempt to produce light hearted shows that appeal to whole families.

The inside of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford-Upon-Avon

Many other theatres around the country produce a variety of shows and some appeal to serious theatre goers. There is no better example of this than the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford-Upon-Avon. The theatre has its own resident company who organize and perform in over 1000 plays every year. The group even partake in tours and part of the company’s remit is to educate the general public about the works of William Shakespeare. Another famous playhouse nationally is The Steven Joseph Theatre in Scarborough. The theatre was opened in1955 and over the years has had several homes until coming to settle at the local Odeon cinema. Its fame has spread as a result of having as its artistic director, Sir Alan Ayckbourn. While in residence he has written many plays that have premiered in Scarborough before opening in London. One of the grandest buildings occupied by a theatre is the Theatre Royal in Bath. It was built in 1805 and is a grade II listed building. Its capacity is for 900 and the Theatre Royal replaced the Ild Orchard Street theatre that used to occupy the premises. The theatre now has a smaller theatre at the rear of the premises called the Ustinov theatre. It can seat 150m people and is used for smaller performances. The Georgian style of the building gives the premises a special feel and it is well supported by the theatre lovers in the south-west of England.