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The Path of a Theatrical Performer

Theatrical cast members applaude each other’s talents and achievements. For those of us who cannot do a pirouette while singing the ways of Bel Canto, we watch in awe of the magical miracles we see on stage. The theater is a host to many gifts. The culture is comprised of the multiple facets of the Arts. Being a performer is not a simple feat. It requires a level of dedication where your career becomes your lifestyle.

Once an individual gains a passion for performance, they begin the studying and training to cultivate their talents. Artists may have one strength they build on and others carry a resume of well-versed aptitudes. To gain call backs, you will find most have more than one proficient skill to bring to the stage. The theater is ever moving and growing. In one live show, you may experience an array of displays. Songs are sung to melody, dances are choreographed and lines are met with a perfected pitch. On cue timing and  bright stage lights illuminate your every move. There is an immense pressure on Performers before, during and after the show.

The Theater Journey

The work for Theatrical Artists begin years before their first debut. As they realize they have a knack and a niche, it is up to them to pursue their proficiency. They begin to take classes that evolve into the goal of attending a school for the Arts. If they are unable to match a school to their needs, they will continue to take classes and practice! practice! practice! You will find aspirations for the stage often start as early as grade school. The stars of musical productions and backyard reviews inspire opening nights.

As the Artist develops their expertise, it is time to approach anxiously anticipated auditions. It is not a first come first serve way of life. The tough market has many faces of talents that are in the crowd of candidates. Each individual checks for call backs in hopes of returning to claim their position. The exciting moment they have attained a part is also the very minute they begin to prepare for their roles. There is more to performing than reading lines, it is a mind set and connection with the character. In order to portray a soulful rendition, they will immerse themselves into their new persona.

A Performers Itinerary

There is much to do when setting up a successful show. The cast works with point people who organize and design the A-Z specifics for every Act, scene and character. Above the already lengthy list, costumes and makeup also play a big part in the development of their character. In effort to stay within the parameters, performers have to maintain a certain level of their physical appearance while staying focused on the tasks ahead of them. After all is said and done, it’s show time! Encores are requested until the end of its run. What happens then? Performers start the process over and get ready for their next audition.