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The Theater Sensation Stomp and Why Everyone Loves It

A Theater sensation is celebrating its 25th Anniversary Pre-Spring of 2019. Stomp is a hit on the stage with a growing fan base. There have been many who avoided the show due to a misconception the setting was loud and brassy. It is not until you see it for yourself that a true appreciation for the performance is granted. When Stomp is afoot you will be enamored with the range of tones that are generated with everyday items. The Stomp crew can turn anything from brooms or lighters to lids, tubs, fingers and feet into a musical beat. The high levels of energy and creativity form a smooth addictive flow that you simply cannot turn away from.

Stomp takes their tempo to the next level with the depth of characters and storylines they represent. Each of the Stomp performers carry their own persona. While you are listening to the Stomp sounds, you also watch the characters develop and grow as the tale unfolds. You will find yourself laughing and sighing a sympathetic breath while you follow the plots. The Actors phenomenally create a connection with the audience. You know who they are and how they feel due to their unique characteristics. The cherry on the Theatrical top is Stomp accomplishes all of this…. without uttering a single word.

Stomp’s Humble Beginning

Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas began their journey at street festivals and side stop shows. They had flair and an eclectic style that matched their jazzy energies. Running around with beats brought them to the band “Pookiesnackenburger” which later gave them the idea to pull together an eight person group to perform. It was this ensemble that started their path to an awestriking level. They debuted as Stomp at a festival in 1991. Cresswell was the first of the group to improve his percussionist sound with his environment. If it could be hit, tapped or blatantly bashed… it had a sound.

Successful Stomps

Using anything in his path such as the ground, garbage cans, pipes and trees, it was an eye opening experience to see the enthusiasm build in the crowd. They loved the impromptu drumming and rhythm. They had found their calling and began to tour internationally. The Stomp group gained traction and went from sometimes to something in the matter of a magical minute.

Stomp found a home in New York and has been there ever since. Spin offs and cable contracts have come and gone, yet the original brilliance of Stomp remains without sway. They have had over one hundred Stompians come and go with famed appearances over their quarter of a century run. One of the performers, Carlos Thomas, has been with the show for twenty of his forty two year old life. It can almost become like a family that rides the waves as they come. Cresswell and McNicholas continue to be a part of the Stomp design. The dedication and talent of both gentlemen and the Stomp performers have brought together a Theatrical icon for many years to come.