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What has Happened to Kids Theater Programs

A depletion of funds in Schools and communities have caused an elimination of programs. Several Musical, Drama or Theater, Art and Home Economics classes have been cancelled throughout the Districts. As parents, we want to see our children develop their talents and be inspired to dream. Youth that are aspiring performers may have few to little options to practice or put their skills to use. The benefits these programs offered were a healthy and creative outlet for children and teens.

Communities that do not offer alternative activities experience higher rates in substance abuse, depression and troubled behaviors. For most families this is discouraging news. It is not often one individual can fund an entire school district or Theatrical production. Parents can continue to encourage their children in the Arts with a little ingenuity and a few savvy ideas.

Theater Camp

Even if there is not a year round program, you could sign your little performer up for summer camp. Different camps have themes and focuses such as cooking, painting, music and performance. Theater camps will allow your child to immerse themselves into a drama course with practices and productions. They will also meet new friends who share similar interests. Scholarships and fee assistance is available at many camps if needed.

Rally Together

If creative programs are scarce in your area, there is a community of parents who may be interested in getting together a plan. You do not need to open an official community theater, however there are steps you can take to create a presentation for children to partake in. The schools may donate use of the auditorium for practices and the parks department may also get involved to help. Volunteers and partnerships can make a difference bringing children together with imagination.

Community for Kids

There may be opportunities available in your own or neighboring communities. Existent Theaters may have an established program or be willing to implement one with the right resources. Local businesses will often partake in fundraisers and supportive roles for community endeavors. Nearby towns or cities that have programs or classes are a smart option for parents. You can go solo with your child or get a group rate and a car pooling schedule.

Family Theater

Families are busy with work and household tasks. They say a family that plays together stays together. You can collaboratively write a script and involve friends and extended family to participate. Putting on your presentation will be a great achievement that will give everyone a wonderful lifelong memory.

They always say where there is a will there is a way. It takes a certain level of perseverance and dedication to be successful in the Theater. Finding the right solution for your children and family will inspire them to celebrate the triumphs while understanding the world around them. Whether they grow up to become Doctors, Teachers or the next big star on Broadway, they will remember the moments you believed in them.