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Why the Stage Needs More Female Roles

It is a new age for Women living in today’s modern society. A surge in the corporate world has been led by the smart and business savvy minds of both Men and Women. Over the years Women have risen to the occasion. From heroism and intellect to creativity, the spectrum of talents is no stranger to boundaries. For centuries, the Female population has been a star in a tale of triumph. The expectation was not set they would succeed making it quite the nail biter when they ultimately did. In the movie and Music industries, Women have made their way and have the roles to prove it. The Theater not only predates main media streaming, it is also the last in line to display genuine equality across the stage.

It was not easy for Female led roles in earlier decades and it appears we have made little headway in that department. New reports show Female parts available make up approximately one-third of the overall positions. This equals out to be one in every three roles that are cast. At one time, they were objectified making it extremely difficult to land a part. Talent alone was not measured the way it is now. While an Actress still needs to reasonably fit the description of the written character, there is an emphasis placed on their acting abilities as well.

Female Roles and Current Trends

The Theater is a paragon of artistic attributes yet has seen a decline in sales. It is noted that almost three quarters of the tickets sold are purchased by Women. There is some debate if the shows included a higher percentage of feminine roles, if sales would further increase. In reviewing the current lineups, we see several renditions of the classics which are imperative to include on the itinerary. We also see newer scripts and playwrights making their way onto the scene. Inevitably, it is also these same shows that include the one third portion of Female roles.

This is not to say these plays are less worthy, in fact they are quite the opposite. Talented Playwrights and staged productions are an integral aspect of Theatrical foundation. Across the board, there is an average of twenty percent of this category that is represented by Female Playwrights. Women writers tend to offer a further look into a Female perspective. This also generates more roles available to be led by the ladies of the stage.


In looking over the numbers, it is a clear view that is not solely based on perception. With that in mind, it is clearly not intentional either. The Theater encourages all walk of life to become a member of the Arts. It is the common goal of bringing enrichment to the audience while sustaining a successful career. As the doors open and the curtains rise, we may see the scales tip a little further in a Female direction. Maybe not a dramatic turn, however enough to see an impact in merging Women with the Theatrical version of tomorrow.