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  • Five Scenes of the Theater

    The theatrical adaptions allow us to experience the storylines with a new view to the telling themes. Beloved Titles such as Harry Potter, Clueless and School of Rock are just the tip of the scripts.

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  • The Globe Theatre

    While the heart of The United States theatre is in New York, there is a huge number of theatres in Los Angeles.

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  • The Theatre in London

    London’s theatre land is one of the most popular attractions of the capital city. The unique architecture and history associated with many of the theatres, plus the quality of the shows that are performed, means that hundreds of shows are performed every week throughout the year.

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  • The beginnings of the Theatre

    The theatre over the centuries has used live performers to act out scenes in front of real audiences. The performers have done this by song, gesture, dance and song to relate the story to those watching.

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  • The theatre on Broadway

    The first theatre to appear on Broadway was in 1750 when a company was established at The Theatre on Nassau Street by Walter Murray and Tomas Keane.

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Architectural Beauty in Theaters

Architectural Beauty has an authentic appeal. Antiquated structures hold a historical authority that makes you feel you are in the presence of an eras past. The poetic stoicism of the Theater originat […]

The Benefits of Youth Theater Productions

When the Theater has a presentation, it is a gala event. Tall ornate ceilings tower over the stage that is set in the center of the auditorium sized space. For a few hours the world as we know it chan […]

The Real Purpose of Theater Curtains

When you are at the Theater there is a sense of intrigue and mystery. Long hanging curtains seem to  conceal the stage. When the lights dim, the curtains move slowly revealing the anticipated hopes an […]

History Versus Controversy in Theaters

Recounted tellings of History are evident in books, movies and on stage. The Theater is not a stranger when it comes to social or political impacts. Pivotal points through the years have determined fu […]

How Improv in Theaters Can Save The Show

During a play, you may notice an actor have a silent second or a humorous addition to the scene you may not remember from before. Theatrical shows are live leading up to unplanned happenings. The cast […]

Five Unforgettable Dance Scenes at the Theater

Coordination, balance and a generous amount of rhythm are the first steps to a good dance routine. Choreographers work diligently with stage actors to perfect the art of a particular set. When you are […]

Are Musicals Better Than Plays?

With all of the happenings on the Theater agenda, Musicals and Shows with music seem to steal the spotlight. These presentations dance on the same stage with two distinctive theatrical styles. It is o […]

The Charms of Theatrical Makeup

Theatrical Makeup trends add a dreamlike illusion to the production. The sequence of characters step onto the stage with a presence that is specific to their role. The actors of the set experience a t […]

Books Come to Life on Stage

Reading a few lines or chapters from your favorite literary pieces can incite a new world to appear. The imagined setting and views are generously granted by vibrant wording and entrancing details. We […]

Tips to Writing a Script for a Play

Seeing your words come to life is more than a dream, it is a goal for aspiring Playwrights. It is common to have notepads with scribbled out lines and torn out pages. These are signs you are well on y […]

Was There Theater Before Shakespeare?

If you have ever tried to fit Shakespeare into a crossword puzzle under “early playwright”, it might have been confusing that it didn’t work. It is common to automatically think of classics such as Ro […]

The Challenges of Film to Theater Adaptions

Grabbing a popular movie out of its element and adapting it to the stage takes more “chops” than just leaving it in the digital version. It is an uphill climb for Directors who accept the challenge. T […]

Theatrical Designers Take Center Stage

The great debate for Theater enthusiasts includes the question “what makes the show a hit or a miss?”  Some may stand firm in the writers corners and others avidly point to the Director. There is a th […]

The Path of a Theatrical Performer

Theatrical cast members applaude each other’s talents and achievements. For those of us who cannot do a pirouette while singing the ways of Bel Canto, we watch in awe of the magical miracles we see on […]

In the Eyes of Theater Critics

Theater critics are known for their direct points of view. They don’t often meet in the middle, as they either have an exclamation of love for one production and utter distaste for the next. We watche […]

Five Scenes of the Theater

The journey of the past and present whimsically cross paths on the stage. East meets West at the Theater to celebrate the classics of yesterday and the artistic collaborations of today.  The culture s […]

The Five Theatrical and Magical Steps to Showtime

With a gala appeal and a splendid atmosphere, the Theater is more than just shows and tunes. Going to the theater will define a genuine experience that is rooted in culture and inspiration. The immens […]

A Classic View of the Theater

The Theater holds a passionate presence in the inspired world of the Arts. Hushed whispers and the air of anticipation fill the room while awaiting the vast stage to come to life. Once the show begins […]

The Other Theatres Around the United Kingdom

Sometimes because London has the world-famous West End people forget there are many other theatres that are located around the country. All of the large towns and cities have at least one theatre and […]

The 2018 Best Shows in the West End

The 2018 most popular shows in London’s West End theatres as always show a range of shows that vary from those that have been running for a long duration of time to those that are newly released. The […]