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  • Five Scenes of the Theater

    The theatrical adaptions allow us to experience the storylines with a new view to the telling themes. Beloved Titles such as Harry Potter, Clueless and School of Rock are just the tip of the scripts.

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  • The Globe Theatre

    While the heart of The United States theatre is in New York, there is a huge number of theatres in Los Angeles.

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  • The Theatre in London

    London’s theatre land is one of the most popular attractions of the capital city. The unique architecture and history associated with many of the theatres, plus the quality of the shows that are performed, means that hundreds of shows are performed every week throughout the year.

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  • The beginnings of the Theatre

    The theatre over the centuries has used live performers to act out scenes in front of real audiences. The performers have done this by song, gesture, dance and song to relate the story to those watching.

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  • The theatre on Broadway

    The first theatre to appear on Broadway was in 1750 when a company was established at The Theatre on Nassau Street by Walter Murray and Tomas Keane.

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Secrets Behind the Sydney Opera House

Secrets Behind the Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is one of the world’s greatest buildings and a symbol of Australia. Only a few know the history of the creation of this building and the fact that the design of the buildi […]

The Most Beautiful Opera Houses in the World

The Most Beautiful Opera Houses in the World

Festive atmosphere, well-dressed people, quiet conversations, and bubbles of champagne. Suddenly the lights are turning off, the orchestra begins to play the first notes gently. Curtains open and the […]

The Making of Theatre Costumes

A lot of times the contribution of costumes to the overall experience of any performance, from ballet to cinema, is overlooked. Most spectators take what they see for granted, as if the characters are […]

London’s Most Famous Theatres

London’s West End is widely regarded as one the most prestigious and glamorous theatrical districts in the world, along with Broadway in New York, USA. In 2017, over 15 million attendees laughed, crie […]

3 of the Most Controversial Plays of All Time

Theatre is one of the most powerful mediums through which to convey a story and has been for thousands of years. People flock to see actors in a live show because they convey the full range of human e […]

The Most Expensive Broadway Musicals

Broadway in New York is the epicenter of the world’s theatrical productions, especially lavish musicals. And many tourists that travel to the Big Apple make sure they take in at least one Broadway pro […]

The Smallest Italian Theaters

Most modern theaters around the world are all based on the classic architectural design of Italian theaters that were built during the architectural revolution during the 18th & 19th Centuries. Th […]

Famous theaters in Barcelona

Barcelona is an amazing place to enjoy when going on holiday and getting a tan you have been waiting for but while you are there make sure to check out the truly spectacular theaters. More than 50 the […]

The Expression of Solo Theater

Solo Theater is not a new concept however it is viewed as modern and contemporary. The definition is as it sounds, a solo rendition of a presentation. In the midst of political and social climates, yo […]

The Imaginings of Immersive Theater

We are accustomed to taking our seat with nary a word during a Theatrical production. This is a show of respect for both the presentation and the crew who made it happen. Watching the show is a journe […]

Iconic Looks of the Theater

Musicals are well-known for their catchy tunes and vibrant energy. They come to us as both originals and renditions that have left a grand impression on the audience. Over the years, intrinsic details […]

The Fate and Fame of Andrew Lloyd Weber

In the Theatrical World, famous names and marquees are an open invitation to a great show. A first success often leads to the fast track for future endeavors on the stage. Occasionally, there will be […]

What has Happened to Kids Theater Programs

A depletion of funds in Schools and communities have caused an elimination of programs. Several Musical, Drama or Theater, Art and Home Economics classes have been cancelled throughout the Districts. […]

How to Survive Stage Fright

Having the confidence to be in the spotlight is harder than it looks. Seeing Performers on the stage radiate with a self-assured persona is a trait most of us wish we had. The truth is, Actors and Act […]

Should Live Theater Use a Rating System?

Going to the Theater is a cultural experience for the whole family. Children especially can benefit from the perception of the stage. Intriguing levels of mystery and creativity enchant audiences of a […]

Movie actors who started in theatre

Bruce Willis started
in Levi’s jeans commercial, but not all actors had this breakthrough, most of
them began their journey in the theatre. No hilarious commercials left for us
to make fun of, but you […]

Four Life Lessons of the Theater

Theater perspectives are often pondered from an audiences point of view. Shows are presented to incite a range of emotions from glee to sorrow. Scene by scene the plot thickens as characters develop t […]

The Magical Journey That Brought Disney To the Theater

It is hard pressed to think of a larger paragon of creativity than Disney. A sprinkling of fairy dust has brought to lands that are colored in the outer realms of our imagination. Disney has captivate […]

The Leading Ladies of the Theater

Song filled performances would not be the same today had it not been for a few iconic Leading Ladies of the Theater. Talented women who had successful careers in the Arts have paved the way for dreams […]

Putting a Spotlight on Weight Factors in the Theater

The biggest case of prejudice in the Theater may surprise you. Most would anticipate race or gender to take the stands, however the one under the spotlight is none other than…. Weight. The standard pe […]